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Official MIKE AND IKE® | Fruity, Chewy Candy! Fruchewy!®

Flavors That Are Snow Good

Enhance your winter fun with the sweet, chewy flavor of Mike and Ike® candy.

Mike & Ike Original Fruits with gloves and holiday pine trimmings

Mike and Ike® Joins Forces with Powerhouse Gamers

Logo Power up with Mike and Ike

We’re bringing our flavor game with Team Liquid, Dignitas, and Esports Arena.

Check Out the Gamers

Learn all about the teams and players that we’re helping power to victory.

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Watch the Action Unfold

Join our gamers as they go head-to-head into competition in weekly video episodes.

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What Flavors Fuel Our Teams?

Here’s a fun look into how gamers like Pgod enjoy Mike and Ike® Original Fruits and Mega Mix.

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