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Mike and Ike® X DIGNITAS

Mike and Ike® X The Dignitas Fortnite Team:
The Sweetest Partnership - see how we’re raising the flavor game!

Fortnite House

Recharge with MIKE AND IKE®

Who better to supply the sweetness to the Dignitas Fortnite Team House than Mike and Ike® Brand candies! The inset picture is a brief glimpse into the Mike and Ike® lounge in the Fortnite House. The lounge – complete with a sofa, charging station and so much more, is there to Power Up the players before the biggest streams with candy-powered fuel to keep them going.

Activations and Events

Taking Gaming to the Next Level

Mike and Ike® Brand Candy helps fuel all Fortnite Dignitas streams! Throughout the year, Mike and Ike® will be a part of all activations and events. Don’t miss it.

Flavor Brawl

Can’t Miss Competition

The Mike and Ike® Flavor Brawl is a yearly staple event hosted by Dignitas that captures the eyes of the entire Fortnite community. It’s hosted by AussieAntics and features top competitors like Bugha, Khanada, Clix, and more. A $10,000 prize pool tournament is fast-paced and encourages fan participation.

NEW Game Jerseys

Powering the Team

As a powerful partner of the Dignitas Fortnite team, the Mike and Ike® logo will be featured on their all-new game jerseys! We’re proud of our sweet partnership.

We’re Aussie’s Biggest Fan

Game Respects Game

With a devout fan base, @aussieantics runs the biggest streams in the Fortnite content creator community. His viewers tune in to see his amazing commentary and engage with his favorite Mike and Ike® Brand Candy. Check out his sweet stream below!

What's the Winning Flavor?

Chews Yours

Whether you're a pro gamer or an up-and-coming console hero, we know you'll make a winning move with Mike and Ike®. For a sweet next level move take a break with Mike and Ike®.