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Bringing the Flavor Game!

Join us as we’re hardcore fueling one of the top partnerships in gaming.

Dignitas Fortnite

Going Full Send

Dignitas has launched an unbeatable Fortnite team with some of the best gamers on the platform, including AlarmingAmber, Mero, Pgod, Bugha and Aussie. With Mike and Ike® fueling them as the official candy partner, there’s no stopping Dignitas Fortnite. Let’s Goooo!

Checking-in with Pgod

Gamer Talk

Competitive Fortnite player and influencer, Piero “Pgod” Ramirez, is one of the top Latin American (LATAM) competitors. He’s one of the most recognized and consistent performers of all time—AND he’s a huge fan of Mike and Ike® Original Fruits and Mega Mix. So big a fan, we’ve got a video showcasing how he enjoys his fruity, chewy favorites.

What's the Winning Flavor?

Chews Yours

Whether you're a pro gamer or an up-and-coming console hero, we know you'll make a winning move with Mike and Ike®. For a sweet next level move take a break with Mike and Ike®.